Without His Fingers

Ona Russell

The day was hot and humid, typical of a Philly summer. Bernie and John couldn’t wait for their ocean swim.

A Neighbor Like David

Elizabeth A. Larsson

I live across the street from a forty-year-old man with Down syndrome.

Letter from the Contest Coordinator

Nicole Marie Pasquarello-Mancuso

Philadelphia Stories is thrilled to announce the winner of our fifth annual short fiction contest, Che Yeun’s “One in Ten Fish Are Afraid of Water.” The 2013 judge–author and professor Mi

Essay: Ariel in Flames

Jorie Rao

The fan whirs above our heads. It is strong, but the heat still creeps up our legs as we sit in my room. Ally is sixteen this year. She keeps telling me that I need to treat her like an adult, that I should trust her with the same things I trust Belinda with, we are sisters after all.


Sonia Elabd

As I imagined myself racing against Olympic skaters, my fingertips tingling as I gained speed, I forgot about being the only brown girl at an almost all white school.

My Face Before I Was Born

Margaret DeAngelis

The Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066.

My father would say that, and my mother would glance at him sideways, and then down, with a smile that suggested she had some kind of secret.

Atop the Camel’s Hump

Casey Otto

My island is ugly. Bare and bleak. It rises from the earth, fifteen feet high and dimpled like a camel’s hump, ringed by acres and acres of corn; an ocean of sweet Indian gold.