The Worm of the Heart

Ilene Raymond Rush

On a Saturday morning in late September, while waiting for her estranged husband Del to arrive

Waiting Room Fairies

Kimberly Emilia

Daddy used to say it before he moved away to live with Vanessa.


H.L.S. Nelson

With the American girl, I had a chance. Americans do not want to be racist. In Russia we do not care. We are racist.

After The Deluge

Daniel DiFranco

We knew it was better just to ignore her, stay out of her way.


Bryan Shawn Wang

There was nothing Tempo hated more than lying to a grown up, but she didn’t want to disappoint Joy, who’d done her a huge favor by even telling her about the babysitting in the first place.

Einstein’s iPod

Stephen Graf

But, then again, perhaps the cause of my tears was that all of the counseling the courts had forced me to undergo had just made me soft.


Alessandra Davy-Falconi

This year, in fact, he had made a list of eligible women and he would begin (after August vacation) to interview them, as it were.