Those Late Afternoons

Dorina Pena

I’m sitting here ankle deep in the brown blues of this creek, hoping the slim oak board bridge we made doesn’t break. Yoda is completely absorbed by the colors in the water near the gray rocks a few yards ahead of me. His chocolate fur always seems clean even after his usual afternoon dirt bath. […]

Three Blues on The Delaware

Peter McEllhenney

The soul of the world sings in blue, sapphire Midnight cerulean stone periwinkle Aegean Egyptian steel, shadow shimmer, silver glint, Flow tide breeze and sun, musics of smooth Chaos soft violence restlessness dissolution Concord mystery beauty revelation change, My blood singing back to the singing waters.   Furious machines burning anger, fume and Rage to […]

The Thing About My Ears Is

Aminah Abutayeb

I am afraid of noises miles away. It’s like presence in a room filled with jazz claps bangs all active at once— fifty people talk in chorus. Simultaneous listen makes my tasks impossible and activation of the switch switches on the panic trigger. The whisper approaches from the room downstairs smells lights vibrations   pseudo- […]

Once Each Year We’d See Them Dance

Robert Fillman

on their anniversary to a song from the forties, sisters singing harmonies, horn pops, a muted-trumpet or clarinet soloist, the television turned off, he in his bed shirt, laughing, she in her nightgown, bare arm softly draped around his back, the other arm letting him take the lead for once, hands clasped, turning slowly in […]