The Hot House Lounge – 1st Place

Kate Blakinger

My chest tightens as fire grazes Sam’s skin, but finally he tosses the match he’s let burn down in his fingers, and the pile of brush jumps into flames. Pockets of damp sap crackle and hiss. We retrieve an armful each of empty aerosol cans from the silo, cans Sam stockpiled over many summers spent […]

An Interview with Robin Black: Writing What She Wants to Write

Julia MacDonnell

Robin Black, this year’s final judge for the Marguerite McGlinn Prize for Fiction, and keynote speaker for Philadelphia Stories’ 2016 Push to Publish conference, seemed to burst, fully formed, upon the national literary scene with the publication of her story collection, If I loved You, I Would Tell You This.

Standing In The Stand

Cameron Conaway

He didn’t know the thrill of the kill, but he knew   he didn’t want to kill the thrill for his father.   Everything in him felt scared, told him not to do it—   words he could not echo. He sat in the tree stand   with his coloring books, glanced up if something […]

How to Get Lost

Jenna Geisinger

The first step is to fall in love with the only boy that ever remembered your name. His charmed smile and kind eyes wage a coup against reason and you don’t even notice.