Girolamo Zini

Michelle Castleberry

Age: 20 Nationality/Place of Origin: Istria, Trieste Description: rope-walker Cause of Death: Died of atlanto-axial disclocation (broken neck)   The secret to balance is to always fall up— Even in training, I rarely felt the net on my back. I pointed my nose away from the hills, seeing what I needed to see through the […]

Adalbert Czaptieonesz

Michelle Castleberry

ge: 51 Nationality/Place of Origin: Poland Description: Catholic Cause of Death: Cut his throat because of extreme poverty   Sew me into the dirt in pieces beside the potatoes and beets. Pay the debtors with the next harvest.   Do not trouble my wife.   Do not trouble my sons.   They are blameless.   […]

Profile: Emily Rose Cole, Poet

Jon Busch

Emily Cole is this year’s winner of the Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry. She was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions about her process, plans, and love of poetry and music.   Congratulations on winning the Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry for your poem, Self-Portrait as Rapunzel. […]

Breaking Bad Online Habits with…Online Writing Classes

Aimee LaBrie

In a desperate attempt to break my writer’s block (most notably my inability to sustain anything without getting sucked into the wormhole of the Internet, Googling phrases like “medieval brassieres” and “who is Demi Moore dating now?”), I signed up for an online writing class.  I was skeptical at first–thinking that it would be some […]

Without His Fingers

Ona Russell

The day was hot and humid, typical of a Philly summer. Bernie and John couldn’t wait for their ocean swim.

St. Andrew of Amalfi

Andrew DiPrinzio

Andrew cracked his butter knife through the shrimp’s pink shell. Droplets of olive oil flung across the table. One landed on Gillian’s cyan blouse. She had called the color cyan and had bought it for the honeymoon because she still tried to impress him.

In the Land of the Schustermans

Ilene Raymond Rush

“Let’s never keep secrets,” Annie’s future mother in law whispers to her at the bottom of the stairs in their house in Wynnewood, two hours before Annie’s wedding to her only son Jack.