Urgent Hymn

Margot Douaihy

The sonnet is a paradox: fixed yet flexible, consistent yet versatile. It’s one of the most lasting modes of literary expression, dating back to the 13th Century writer Francesco Petrarca. I’ve been thinking about sonnets a lot lately. As more animated gifs, emoticons, and emoji creep into daily life, supplanting not only words but complex feelings, what’s the sonnet’s role? What can Twitter bards and emerging writers learn from the conventions and puzzles of sonnets?

Art Exhibits

Christine Weiser

[img_assist|nid=11341|title=First for Women|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=79|height=100]2014: Extraordinary Gifts: Remarkable Women of the Delaware Valley, a unique collaboration of lo

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Christine Weiser

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Jin Cordaro

You’ll drizzle rich black sesame oil over everything.

A Neighbor Like David

Elizabeth A. Larsson

I live across the street from a forty-year-old man with Down syndrome.