Jeanne Obbard

Before snowdrops

before the crocuses

tipsided in a rainstorm

What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Marjorie Maddox

It’s not the slant of the pitched ball, 

the average dust on the bases, 

the haphazard smile of the shortstop

Rose of Jericho

Lauren Fleck-Steff

It was a long way to here 

Blind miles where  

Only the highway moved 

Down the Shore

Peter Galen Massey

I’d say we drowned the voice of 

The deep Atlantic in Katy Perry. 

Protecting the Plate

John Shea

Standing by the yellow kitchen telephone, cradling the receiver precariously between her jaw and shoulder, Anita gazed through the window onto the back alley.

Interview with Nomi Eve

Joe Magee

In 2001, Nomi Eve’s first novel, The Family Orchard was published by Alfred Knopf with a print run of 100,000. It was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection and was nominated for a National Jewish Book Award. It also received positive reviews from the New York Times, Newsday and Time magazine.

Moved In

David L. Carpenter

Her place is about 5,500 popsical sticks square,

a little bigger than my shotgun apartment.