Trail of Ghosts

Devon James

When I was a junior in high school, I got a job at a flower shop. I worked there for almost five years, scraping money together for SATs and prom dresses. On the weekends I roamed South Jersey roadways and highways in the shop vans.

Evensong, King’s College Chapel

Peter McEllhenney

Our days are longer than glass, longer than
Stone, longer than light and air, longer than
The waters of this softly flowing river that will
Pass, rise, fall, and pass again while we speak

Field Study

Charles S. Carr

E A G L E S written in vapors in the sky
A dalliance of eagles overhead

Made Up Saints

Claire Scott

I weep at cartoons.
Wile E. Coyote free-falling from a cliff,
Sylvester flattened by an iron safe,
scads of sodden Kleenex at my side.

Home-Made Gods

Claire Scott

Why not
create gods that work better for us
no gods requiring two sets of dishes
or prayers five times a day knees-in-agony O Lord


Amy Elizabeth Robinson

The fragile bones.
The highway snaking
through the maze of rigs.


Theodore Eisenberg

I understand why the shore line
is uncertain; why castles are sand.


Kristine Kennedy

We sit in a semi-circle booth at Max’s Ultimate Sports Bar, nibbling out of obligation on hot poppers and fried mozzarella, silently absorbing the familiar comforts of a chain restaurant.

Cut and Dry

Amanda Auble

I’m not even halfway out the door when one of my girls starts screaming at me over the sound of her hair dryer. I don’t care about her date with her boyfriend; she can close down the salon for one night this week.


Sara Graybeal

Ángel works at a print shop, casting logos onto sweatshirts, white letters on black tees. TGIF. LONG HAIR DON’T CARE. YOLO. KEEP CALM AND…