From the Editors

Christine Weiser and Carla Spataro

It was about one year ago when we sat down with Marc Schuster, our book acquisitions editor, and Alison Hicks, founder of the Greater Philadelphia Wordshop Studio, a well-known Philadelphia-based creative writing workshop.

Novel Excerpt: Keep No Secrets

Julie Compton

You smell the scent.

It’s happened before. The first time, when you and your wife Claire cut through the cosmetics department at the mall, your heartbeat soared with such trepidation that you clutched at your chest, startling her

Local Author Profile: C.G. Bauer

Jamie Elfrank

What do you get when you take a story of ancient satanic text and mix corporate corruption, an ailing child, and an elderly church caretaker who has lost his faith? You get C.G.

The Baby

Sylvie Beauvais

As I turn 38 and keep stocking drawers full of dreams and half-completed projects, I’m pushing forward with one big initiative: I’m having an imaginary baby. Why not?

Whore Tie

Elaine Paliatsas-Haughey

My grandfather’s name was Efthimios Vasilios Patouhas, but I called him Papa. As a toddler I could only manage to spurt out the first syllable of the Greek word for grandfather, pappou. The repeated pa, pa, pa eventually became Papa.

The Gardener

William Hengst

Sometimes as he cuts back the spent blossoms
or lessens the height and girth of some shrub,
he sees himself cutting hair