George Bishop

So she could cope with the guilt
she renamed the dog before taking it
to the pound

The Jetty

Morrow Dowdle

With a lowball of Jack and fading ice
In one hand, he took me my by the other,
And without shoes on our feet,

Say It. That’s All.

Kathleen Furin

When your sister calls from Johannesburg and says, “I’m in the hospital,” say, “Hold on a sec,” then point to your phone and mouth important to the hostess, whose jeans are too tight and lipstick too bright for a five-year-old’s birthday.

PS Books Releases New Anthology

christine weiser

PS Books, a division of Philadelphia Stories, in partnership with the Greater Philadelphia Wordshop Studio, presents Prompted, an anthology that explores the human condition via poet

Local Author Profile: C.G. Bauer

Jamie Elfrank

What do you get when you take a story of ancient satanic text and mix corporate corruption, an ailing child, and an elderly church caretaker who has lost his faith? You get C.G. Bauer’s thrilling novel Scars on the Face of God.

From the Editors

Christine Weiser and Carla Spataro

We have lots of events this spring for literature lovers – including our biggest FUNdraiser of the year: our online auction
and spring fling. So, get out your calendars – here are important dates to note:

How to Become a Writer, Part 2 (High School)

Aimee LaBrie

Find an enthusiastic (and, in retrospect, possibly gay?) English teach named Mr. Calise who encourages your fledging writing efforts, including a full-length revision of Flowers for Algernon which you turn into a six act play.

The Work Boyfriend

Katherine Hill

         Kendra fell for Russ at a party. The theme was Winter Blues, which meant everyone dressed normally, in jeans and a monochrome palette of shirts, ranging from navy to sky.

The Baby

Sylvie Beauvais

As I turn 38 and keep stocking drawers full of dreams and half-completed projects, I’m pushing forward with one big initiative: I’m having an imaginary baby. Why not?