Harry Gieg

Charley, or Cholley, or Chol—
grew gardenias, raised kids and tropical fish,
and broke the knees and heads of grown men.
A soldier in a fitted

Navigations in the Gene Pool

Juditha Dowd

Nature trumps nurture. Ellen believed it even before science arrived at the same conclusion, believed it even after science changed its mind again. Believes it now.

The Work Boyfriend

Katherine Hill

Kendra fell for Russ at a party. The theme was Winter Blues, which meant everyone dressed normally, in jeans and a monochrome palette of shirts, ranging from navy to sky. “It’s me,” he said from his pack of males in the corner. “The guy from Tragedy who never talks.”

How to Get Fired (Web exclusive)

Jenny Lentz

Arrive to the morning team meeting twenty-three minutes late, balancing multiple aspects of your life – papers, raincoat, laptop, handbag, umbrella, breakfast, gym clothes, lunch – so that you look like a circus performer.


Wolff Bowden

You can start anywhere, with anything.
The tap of your fingerprint on an
unsuspecting ant. The release of a rope