Jonathan Kemmerer-Scovner

People were huddled in their offices, whispering. They glanced up with intense faces, returned to private conversation.

This is it, I knew. It’s happening today

Heritage Trails

Liz Abrams-Morley

I was the new girl at Coltrane’s. I’d come down from Jersey for my grandfather’s stupid-ass wedding and couldn’t figure a reason to go back—Mom gone, my brothers all married and cheating, just like every guy I’d been involved with.


Barbara Daniels

I blame chance, that reprobate,
for my slide and spin and slow-motion
carom across both lanes.

The Fig Tree

Nina Israel Zucker

The fig tree has fallen in love with the place in the yard
that separates neighbor from neighbor. I didn’t ask permission


Gabriel Shanks

find a recipe, one that calls for
flour, salt, wounds, and
tiny daggers.

(catalog of nightmares)

Rachel Eodice

asphyxiation; aliens, from mars of course; black cats, the
bad luck kind; drowning, amidst those who drowned before
me & the muck that is decay;