From the Editors

Carla Spataro & Christine Weiser

When we started Philadelphia Stories, we developed a five-year strategic plan that included the launch of a book division, the institution of affordable writing workshops, and other opportunities for professional development.

Crime Scene

Noel Sloboda

You read disclosure does     couples good, so we listed all our previous loves—    the number wasn’t bad: a mere dozen     old flames smothered beneath our tangled sheets,     leaving room and heat enough for us—    but as we started to seal a promise for the future,     a compact on forgetting, you squealed—and […]

The Lip

Tom Larsen

For days afterward Leo’s life was like a dream. He thought about Julie and Mario driving across the country. In his head they were always whooping it up. He wished them dead in the desert, their bodies black and bloated. The image so disturbed him he wished them back to life.

They Don’t Mean To

Pamela Main

Bridget is in the giftware section of the department store, running her fingers over the deeply discounted snow globes, when she feels

In Memoriam: Denise Gess

Julia MacDonnell Chang
It is with great sadness that we report that our friend and long-time Philadelphia Stories board member, Denise Gess, passed away on August 22.

Local Author Profile: Lise Funderburg

Jamie Elfrank

I was getting older and my father got sick from something that he later recovered from, but I realized my father was not going to live forever. And so I felt a kind of urgency to fill in the gaps.