Water Song

Allen Hoey

  The woods aren’t very deep, but you can get past where the sound of traffic reaches, and all you hear is the melody water makes dropping around rocks, a complex composition, constantly changing, modulating, carrying your mind like a leaf along the surface unless you make the choice to stay where you stand, by […]


Allen Hoey

                         and the firmament sheweth his handywork.                                                —Psalms 19:1   Sometimes, late night, the middle of January maybe, I get home, everything’s quiet, the cows aren’t in the pasture out back, all the lights turned off as far as I can see, the packed snow crunches underfoot as I step away from the car and slam […]

Putting Up Peaches

Dee Dee Risher

Dee Dee Risher is a writer and editor living in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. For several years she was an editor of The Other Side, an independent progressive Christian magazine. She is originally from South Carolina.

Local Author Profile: N. Frank Daniels

Michelle Wittle

Some say that the Internet will destroy the written novel as we know it today. However, after hearing the story of N. Frank Daniels’ futureproof, an argument can be made in support of the World Wide Web as a source for finding the best in new literature.

Goodbye Apollo

Mary Kate O’Donnell

I went to the beach in a blindfold today, because once you asked me to. I wore the scarf you chose for me by touch: the one I wore often. The same one I told you I loved, and never mentioned the garish pattern made me cringe. Tied around my eyes, I could not see the pattern any more than you could when you chose it. It was a fitting penance.