The Witch and The Clown

Judilyn Brown

I hate my job. As evening supervisor of a one-hundred bed nursing
home, I oversee the work of one other nurse and ten nurses’ aides.

What Not to Submit

Aimee LaBrie

Though I have not written any interesting fiction in, oh, years, I still find it easy to judge the writing of others. This impulse comes not just from having taken years of workshops alongside teaching undergraduate writing, but also from my own dark little heart, which says something like

From the Editors

Carla Spataro and Christine Weiser

Spring and summer brought many firsts to Philadelphia Stories: our first contest, the Rosemont Writer’ s Retreat, and the launch of PS Books, our new regional books division.

Local Author Profile: Christine Weiser

Marc Schuster

Broad Street is set in Philadelphia during the height of the grunge-rock scene of the early-nineties. Why did you choose this setting, and how does it factor into the story?

I was in a Philadelphia band called Mae Pang, which was mainly a chick rock garage band that started in the mid-90s. It was a great time for

DNA: Memory

Teresa Mendez-Quigley

So we were watching
a documentary on cows standing
not in fields of green grass
like we saw Upstate, but


Hayden Saunier

The two-headed pig was jammed into a jar
so I couldn’t tell it from the cat with two bodies

or the cloven-hoofed devil baby discovered
dead in a dumpster in New Jersey but Snake Girl

was alive— no arms, no legs, no bones in her body.

Out of Nowhere

Angela Canales

As the three men rush the cab – your cab – the truth hits: what only happens to others is about to happen to you. You are not the exception.


Anthony Nannetti

In a better world
casinos comp grafts for those about to be burned, 
poetry workshops include vocational training,