The Man in Building H

S.R. Graham

He splits cells and grafts them together,
an art he perfected with his children, a family


L.D. Zane

Grace and I met six months ago. Mutual friends who had been conspiring to get us together finally succeeded.

Like Nothing Happened

Dennis Lawson

It’s an hour drive from our office in Wilmington down to Dover, and my colleagues wanted to carpool, so I’m praying something goes wrong.


Ramona DeFelice Long

“Lila, you have to hold my hand.” Michael is using his Big Voice, the one to remind me he is five years older and this, in his mind, makes him the boss of me.

Molly Peacock Interview

Julia MacDonnell

“Women! Keep your writing in your purse. Don’t reach for that brochure in your dentist’s office waiting room: read your favorite writer—you. Get out those drafts from your bag and revel in your own ideas. That will get you to the next line, the next sentence.”

Let’s face it

Aimee LaBrie

Pretend that you find yourself in a scary situation.

The Fix

Jennifer Rieger

Nestled in the back corner of my classroom


Michele Lombardo

Her daughter was in trouble.


Pete Able 

The parameters of the assignment were not at all clear.