Where to?

By Maura Riscavage

Maura is a 12-year-old from Havertown who keeps busy when it's not softball season by reading and taking pictures on multiple cameras from her collection.


My Dog

By Alexandra Murray

Alexandra Murray is eight years old and in the second grade. She likes to read, write, and draw. She enjoys reading the Warriors series and playing Minecraft with her sister, Scarlett. Her jingle is a spoof on the song, Mr. Grinch, and is paired with her drawing of her family’s dog, Whisky. Alexandra produced these pieces at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s 2017 Comic Con event. 


By Scarlett Murray

Scarlett Murray is nine years old and in third grade. She enjoys drawing, playing Minecraft, and reading books from her favorite series, the Warriors. She and her family rescued their cat, Dollface, from a shelter. Scarlett drew this picture of Dollface at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s 2017 Comic Con event.

Flowers for Mom

By Ryan Storck