My Hero: City Year’s Writing Contest 7th grade winner

Who do I consider to be a hero? Well, to me a hero is someone who will take a bullet for me or someone who will stand up for me and have my back even if no one else does. Also a hero, in my opinion, is someone who, if I call their name at any time, will come running to rescue me. In addition, a hero is someone who will risk their life to save yours. But a hero does not always have to help you physically; a hero can help you emotionally, too. Therefore, my hero is my dad.

Mya Mills is a 7th grader at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus. She is a very trustworthy, sup- portive and dependable young woman. Always one for creativity, she loves to try new things. When around her, she'll always have you laughing.

My Hero: City Year’s Writing Contest 9th grade winner

March 1st 2014, midafternoon, I peruse the instructions for this prompt and stare misty-eyed at crimson pictures of Superman on Google. “Who do I consider to be a hero?” is the question that I continuously ask myself. The next question that arrives more simply is—what is a hero? What being a hero entails for me is straightforward: an ordinary individual who is admired for their ethics and achievements, one who leaves a lasting impression on someone’s life. I would definitely consider my mother to be my hero.

Dominique Brodie-Wilson is an excellent student in the 9th grade. She was born and raised in West Philadelphia and her favorite subjects are literature and history. Her aspiration is to inspire people and her main goal in life is to make a living doing some- thing that she loves.

My Hero: City Year’s Writing Contest 8th grade winner

A hero isn’t just someone who rips off his or her clothes in the pounding climax of a crime to fly off and save someone. A hero doesn’t have to have super strength. A hero is someone who is brave and makes a positive change in someone’s life, sometimes without even knowing what they have done. I’ve met a lot of people in my life so far, and they’ve all allowed me to experience different feelings and perspectives; however, there is one person who has left a significant impact on my life—Natalie. When I was in the fourth grade, I met my friend Natalie.

Destiny Samuel is in Eighth grade. She aspires to be a successful author one day. In her free time Destiny is an avid reader, writer and loves taking care of her younger sister.

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