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We all know that animals can’t talk, right? Or can they? Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with your cat or dog, or another type of pet that you might own? In a way, your pet does talk to you, either through a look, a bark, a meow or whatever noise your particular pet may be able to make. I believe that  any people think their animals communicate with them without actually saying words. But what if animals could speak? What would they say?

Teresa Sari FitzPatrick is a writer and board member of Philadelphia Stories, Jr.

A Thin Sheet of Glass

Miriam Rose, Age 10, Wyncote Elementary © 2012

A bone-chilling gust of wind swept over my cheeks as the door to the store jingled. I looked up from the cash register as a short, thin, and rather ashen-looking woman stepped onto the threshold of the Wawa.

Madeline Bowne has won two C-Span awards for her documentary videos. In 2011, she won 3rd place for her Math Education in the Crossroads. In 2012, she won 2nd place for her documentary on the 19th Amendment. She also won 3rd place in the WHYY Youth Media Awards for her video Perfect Child. Her first poem, "Waiting for Autumn," was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer when she was in 4th grade. She created her school newspaper for Clearview Middle School in Mullica Hill, and then moved to Cherry Hill and joined the newspaper staff. A pianist and clarinetist, she made All South Jersey band for 2012. An Honors student, she plans to attend Cherry Hill East in the fall.

Six-Word Memoirs

The following six-word memoirs were written by young people ages 6-15 during Tree House Books' Tree Shade Summer Project, Conversations in the Garden: What's Your Story. Campers wrote their own stories, expressed their story through different art projects, and interviewed longtime members of the North Central Philadelphia community. Tree House Books' mission is to grow and sustain a community of readers, writers, and thinkers in North Central Philadelphia.”

The Old Man and the Fish

The old man sat at the table across from his wife, his head slowly drooping beneath his hunching shoulders. It was his birthday, and she'd decided to take him out to one of his favorite restaurants to celebrate.

Jacob Golden is 17 years old and goes to Jenkintown High School. He likes writing and playing football and soccer.

The Friendship Bracelet

The cool October air smacked into Katherine’s pale, freckled face like a swatter on a fly. She zipped up her jacket and slipped her hands in the pockets.

I didn’t know it was gonna be this cold! She thought as she turned the corner.

Danielle Perez found an interest in writing at an early age and especially enjoys creative writing, one of her strongest fields.

African Weave

“Hurry, Tibira! I want to get there quickly!” Niki’s voice echoed through the serene white noise of the forest.     

Aislind Waters is 12, in sixth grade, and loves to write descriptive stories, poetry, and song lyrics. She also loves reading and drawing, and lives with her mother, younger brother, and her two cats. She had read many book series, including The Hunger Games, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Tunnels, and all 21 Redwall books. 


Falling. Falling into darkness. It won’t end. There is no end. I keep going. The wind makes my spine crawl. I feel my heart beating. It’s in my throat. I clench my fists. Force a smile on my face. When the bottom comes I want to be…

            I jolt. This room, its full of light. I’m back. It was just a dream. But it felt so real. I could feel myself plummeting down.

Maria Dulin is a student at Villa Maria Academy and one of the winners of the first “Teens Take the Park” writing contest.


I wrote my first story sitting under the oak tree as tall as the Empire State Building.

Celeste Flahaven is a student at Villa Maria Academy and one of the winners of the first “Teens Take the Park” writing contest.

The Confessions of a Not-So-Only Child

            Let the record show that I, Ivy Lee Miller, loved being an only child. I cherished my perfect family, with just my mom, dad, and me. I was happy about not having to share my room, my toys, and especially my parents’ love. Now, however, I am not content with these feelings as they no longer describe how I currently feel. This is the truth, the confessions of a not-so-only child.

Lauren Harris is a seventh grader at T/E Middle School. She lives in Berwyn, Pennsylvania with her mum and dad. In her spare time, Lauren likes to read and play volleyball. She loves detective fiction, and enjoys visiting her relatives in England each summer. She is one of the winners of the first “Teens Take the Park” writing contest.


William, you're running late!" his mother yelled up the stairs. 

"I'll be down in a minute," Will said, opening his eyes and peeling himself off his bed. He still hadn't packed; he'd just put off the inevitable.

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