The Election of 2016

The year in question is twenty sixteen.
The problem is with whom was elected.
Despite all the opposing party did,
their candidate was rejected.

The system needed people to vote,
to cast a ballot in every state.
The results justified the actions:
Such acts of terror and hate.

Julia Carrigan is a 14-year old freshman at George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania. She lives and breathes the musical Hamilton. With whatever little time there is left, Julia likes to read, act, and write.


Stranded in the ocean
And she can’t even breathe.
The waves are pounding,
It’s hard to see.
She’s trying so hard to stay afloat,
Hoping she will spot a boat. 

After a while, she gives in
And the water washes away her sin.
Her eyes flutter, shut, and her
Lungs begin to burn.
The farther down she sinks
Her mind begins to burn. 

Karly Smith is a junior in high school and aspires to be a bestselling author when she grows up. When she is not writing, she is drawing to fill up her free time.

Sow What You Reap

We don’t stare into the void
So we can learn from it.
We stare into the void
So we can learn to live with it.

We don’t lose things
To learn their true value.
We lose things so we know that
They never mattered in the first place.

We don’t create meaning in our lives
To give our actions purpose.

We create the illusion of meaning
So our actions can be validated.

Connor Healy is in the twelfth grade and enjoys writing poetry. He lives in Medford, NJ with his little brother and two little sisters. In his spare time, Connor also enjoys riding his bike and acting in musical theatre shows.

I Am From

I am from where family and friends
are free to have freedom. I am from a
mother of five. I am
Latin and am used to saying
te amo for what could be the last time.
I am from a place where I cry my ass off for
my father who is not coming back.
I am from a place where I lived
house to house and school to school.
I am from a place where things
can come true.

Dillianni Soto is 14 and in the eighth grade at Feltonville Arts and Sciences. Her favorite subject is Math, but her favorite hobby is writing. Dilli likes to write because it gets things off of her mind.

I Am From

I am from food that tastes like heaven. From
family that is far away. I am from quiet streets.
From Prince Pizza. I am from English turned
Spanish. I am from constant fighting. From fear of
my family breaking up. I am from fake friends &
no ends. I am from two sisters I can count on
in life. I am from a father I barely knew.
From a mother who drank her life away, but doesn’t
anymore. I am from two years of my life, sleeping
with a mask so I won’t slip into an eternal

Kayla Rodriguez is 14 and in the 8th grade at Feltonville Arts and Sciences in North Philly. Her favorite subject is Science, and she likes to sleep in her free time. 


Are supposed to be of warmth,
Of comfort,
Of trust.

Like houses made for the heart of loved ones,
Whether hard and calloused,
Or soft and gentle,
They hold on for that sweet embrace.

Hands are supposed to be of safety,
Of faith,
Of hope.

Kristen Bui is a senior at Franklin Towne Charter School. Her dream is to one day become a professional writer, specifically for DC Comics. Reading and writing are her favorite hobbies, however, nothing touches her heart like a big, hot bowl of ramen noodles.


New-sprung life
Scented carpets
Of paint-splashed

Sunlit showers
Blush to cheek
Of maiden

Crimson leaves
Mid streams of
Gold all

Stars above
Down on blankets
Of powder

Naomi Mengel is a senior at Tall Oaks Classical School. In addition to writing, she enjoys photography, running, reading, and playing the piano. She lives in Newark, DE, with her parents, younger sister, and Golden Retriever.



Caterpillar eats
So delicious is the leaf
Bite, chew. Munch, crunch. Lunch!


Sunflower gazing
Yellow face up, standing strong
Grinning at the sun.


Leopard laps water
Reflection ripples away
Nature’s wet mirror

Caroline is a 10-year-old student at Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood, NJ.  When Caroline gets older, she hopes to be a scientist or a veterinarian. Her advice for writers and artists young and old:  Mistakes are not always the end. They are the bloom of new ideas.


two pieces fit together
more matches make it better
to complete the puzzle
you have to search for answers

Mairead is a second grader at Rehoboth Elementary School in Delaware. She loves to play lacrosse and basketball, and her dog, Violet.

A Little Temporary Peace

After the sun has made its rounds
and is slowly drifting to sleep
After the birds and squirrels have joined
the trees that wish and weep 

The thoughts all slip away
into the world that lies ahead
Only colors in the distance
The sadness has finally fled

There is nothing to think about
Only things to see and hear
about the world it used to be
when it was without fear 

Mira Tensuan-Eli is a sixth grader at Haverford Middle School in Havertown, PA. She enjoys reading, writing poems and short stories, and staring off into space. She prefers quietness or soft music, but can deal with any atmosphere as long as she has an interesting book.

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