My Dog

You’re a weird one,
Whisky dog.
You really are strange.
You bark when no one’s out there,
You’re afraid of your own poop,
Whisky doooooog!
The three best words to describe you
Are strange, cute and loving!

Alexandra Murray is eight years old and in the second grade. She likes to read, write, and draw. She enjoys reading the Warriors series and playing Minecraft with her sister, Scarlett. Her jingle is a spoof on the song, Mr. Grinch, and is paired with her drawing of her family’s dog, Whisky. Alexandra produced these pieces at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s 2017 Comic Con event.

Tame the Beast

Tame the beast
He’s evil
He’s destruction
Tame the beast
Get him while you can
Or you’ll be the one at fault
Tame the beast
My brother is released!

Molly is 10 years old and attends Williamstown Middle School. In her spare time, Molly enjoys playing softball and Minecraft.

What Black History Means to Us

So I know what you think --
Three 8-year-olds don't know black history.
But we know how to write a poem in three minutes.

As we looked up Black History, we found interesting people,
Like Maya Angelou.
Maya was a poet and she fought for civil rights.
Ruby Bridges was brave enough to step foot in an all-white school.

Kindal Way is a third grade student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA. She loves to do gymnastics, sing, write and dance. She also loves to help out in the kitchen with her aunt. Emma Zubairu is a third grade student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA. She loves to play the piano and bake with her mom. She also loves to do gymnastics with her friend, Madison. Madison Alexander is a third grade student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA. She loves to do gymnastics with Emma and play with her little sister. She also loves to bake with her mom and dad and play video games with her brother.  

Major League

It was not until 1947
that African Americans were allowed to play Major League Baseball.
Jackie Robinson was the first to get the call.
The Dodgers’ manager called him and said
if you want to play for us, you need to ignore what everybody else says.
So Jackie said yes, but it was hard to ignore what they yelled.
So my message, is we can all break barriers,
if we work together.
Just like Jackie!
Stand up.
Speak out.
Together, we are stronger.

Henry Wasserman is a third grade student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA.  He loves to play baseball and football -- any sport in general -- and he loves to read. He also loves math, social studies, writing and research.

Colors, Why?

  I am black,
you are white
We are the same,
we have equal rights.

Helen Dugan is a fourth grade student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA.  She loves gymnastics and is on a competitive team, and she plays the guitar. She also loves to read, she loves Star Wars, she enjoys playing flag football and she has a youtube channel.

I Stopped Telling Lies on Facebook

I stopped telling lies on Facebook,
to show the world who I am.
I don’t have 50-inch heels,
or hair made out of ham.

I stopped telling lies on Facebook,
I don’t have a pet T-rex.
All my pets are lies,
like the octopus named Lex.

I stopped telling lies on Facebook,
Because I know where it ends.
Lies never turn out good,
even with amends.

I stopped telling lies on Facebook,
now my account is true.
Let the world know who I am,
even if it makes me blue.

Janae Tinley wrote this poem in class. She has been writing poetry since second grade.


I walk through the piled up heaps of ash,
As a silent squirrel leaps by in a dash.
I think of the time when the ashes were embers glowing orange, red, and yellow,
Flickering flames were dying out, but no one thought of the bellows.
I thought back further,
Were there ever wolves howling at the moon?
Staying far back
From the leaping flames of burning-hot fire,
So that there wasn’t a reason to lack
Their once bushy gray tails,
Which would now just be a flimsy old-withered wire,

Noel Freeman is in seventh grade and likes to write. She lives with two brothers and a sister in Burlington, NJ. Noel's hobbies include acting, sketching, playing the piano, and raising ducks.

My Sis

My sister Abby is wonderful!
We love playing barbies together; it is so delightful.

Abby loves pigtails!
She will never take them out.
Abby will always wear pink.
She is a pink pigtail, popsicle princess.

Abby has blond hair,
but my mom thinks it’s gold.
She is very special to me because she was my first friend!
Soon, Abby will be a big sister too!

Skylar Wolcott is in second grade and likes art class. She started cheerleading in 2015 and is still doing it today. She loves her two sisters a lot and lives in Lindenwold, NJ.

Nighttime is Near

The light sinks beneath the paved, cement floor,
as the dark appears in its emptiness,
and makes you feel oh, so sore.
In the midst of two,orange, purple and yellow rays
spread across the sky,
the cloud-like figures begin to die.
Look and listen, there's nothing,
not a noise to be heard.
Not an echo, not a whistle
or the chirp of a bird.
The moon, so lonely
always waiting in the sky.
He waits patiently for you to fly high.
He begins to follow and eye you as you walk.

Juwaireyeh Dorsey is a bold, free-spirited young writer. She attends String Theory Performing Arts Charter School and is currently in seventh grade. For Juwaireyeh, she finds that writing is an outlet to express herself and be herself. Therefore, poetry is her favorite style of writing. With such a bubbly and joyful personality, Juwaireyeh finds a way to include her spunk in her writing. She loves vibrant colors and artsy items and hopes to one day work in the cosmetics field.  

Class is Never Peaceful

Class is never peaceful,

And I don’t know why.

There’s always some type of noise,

From the crazy and shy.



Janae Tinley wrote this poem in class. She has been writing poetry since second grade.

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