I walk through the piled up heaps of ash,
As a silent squirrel leaps by in a dash.
I think of the time when the ashes were embers glowing orange, red, and yellow,
Flickering flames were dying out, but no one thought of the bellows.
I thought back further,
Were there ever wolves howling at the moon?
Staying far back
From the leaping flames of burning-hot fire,
So that there wasn’t a reason to lack
Their once bushy gray tails,
Which would now just be a flimsy old-withered wire,

Noel Freeman is in seventh grade and likes to write. She lives with two brothers and a sister in Burlington, NJ. Noel's hobbies include acting, sketching, playing the piano, and raising ducks.

My Sis

My sister Abby is wonderful!
We love playing barbies together; it is so delightful.

Abby loves pigtails!
She will never take them out.
Abby will always wear pink.
She is a pink pigtail, popsicle princess.

Abby has blond hair,
but my mom thinks it’s gold.
She is very special to me because she was my first friend!
Soon, Abby will be a big sister too!

Skylar Wolcott is in second grade and likes art class. She started cheerleading in 2015 and is still doing it today. She loves her two sisters a lot and lives in Lindenwold, NJ.

Nighttime is Near

The light sinks beneath the paved, cement floor,
as the dark appears in its emptiness,
and makes you feel oh, so sore.
In the midst of two,orange, purple and yellow rays
spread across the sky,
the cloud-like figures begin to die.
Look and listen, there's nothing,
not a noise to be heard.
Not an echo, not a whistle
or the chirp of a bird.
The moon, so lonely
always waiting in the sky.
He waits patiently for you to fly high.
He begins to follow and eye you as you walk.

Juwaireyeh Dorsey is a bold, free-spirited young writer. She attends String Theory Performing Arts Charter School and is currently in seventh grade. For Juwaireyeh, she finds that writing is an outlet to express herself and be herself. Therefore, poetry is her favorite style of writing. With such a bubbly and joyful personality, Juwaireyeh finds a way to include her spunk in her writing. She loves vibrant colors and artsy items and hopes to one day work in the cosmetics field.  

Class is Never Peaceful

Class is never peaceful,

And I don’t know why.

There’s always some type of noise,

From the crazy and shy.



Janae Tinley wrote this poem in class. She has been writing poetry since second grade.

6:30 a.m.

6:30 am: Coffee is my lover. She protects me, wrapping me in her steaming arms. She swims in my stomach and widens my eyes, exciting me. She stirs my fears into her muddy hues and sends me on my way.

Amanda Trautmann is a senior at Lower Merion High School. She enjoys writing short fiction and poetry. At her school, Amanda founded and runs Second Stage, a program which offers a variety of workshops led by local artists, writers, directors and actors. She also takes part in the school's literary magazine, yearbook and newspaper all while maintaining a part time job at Children’s Book World.

With Every Movement

We can see the discipline in her—it absorbs

Morphs into her legs, crawls up her thighs to her torso

Spreads across her brow and out to her temples

Coils itself tight on her head

With every sudden movement.


Her mind, her body is awoken by the music

Operates as one in proportional contortions.

BIO:  Olivia Hunt is in eleventh grade at Downingtown East High School. She is an avid writer and aspires to study screenwriting. Her dream is to write her own television sitcom, or to become a writer on Saturday Night Live. Olivia loves live music and concerts, going to the coffee shop down the street to write, and soaking up every beautiful moment of life.

The Beast

Cramped and crowded, hot and dirty.

Train doors slide open. Light.

I’m just a lonely Jew

Alone with no family.

Stepping off the train,

The first breath of fresh air

Coaxes my mouth open.

I try taking my first full breath in hours

BIO:  Madeline Hickey is a junior at Downingtown East High School. She has spent most of her free time this year writing for her creative writing class, reading her growing collection of books, and participating in her theatre department's programs. She hopes to someday be a professional writer.

On the Seine

Nobody sits alone on the Seine,

A fact that’s unfortunately true

Of the twos and the threes and the fours and the tens,

And then me, who’s alone, but with you


You crouch beneath benches that I sit upon

You swim through the waters I paint

As I walk through the streets, you don’t stay for long

Emma Paolini is from Medford, New Jersey and attends Merion Mercy Academy. She enjoys reading, writing, and edits for her school's literary magazine. 


the man milling near the lamp post

feet shuffling slowly, phone in hand

lifts the cigarette to his lips


the cancerous thing

the smoke and the fire and the phone call

diagnosis: cancer


the gauges in his ears

drag him downward

Srishti Ramesh is 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. She enjoys reading and writing, especially young adult literature. She also loves music, mostly hip-hop/rap and rock. She lives in Voorhees, New Jersey with her family and an unfortunate lack of pets.

Blue, by an Optimist

Blue is the color of the deep, salty ocean; cold, but warmed by the shimmering aquamarine rays that filter down through its rippling surface. Blue is the sky reflected in your eyes when you laugh.

Blue represents rhythm. It is the color of the calm, ceaseless meter of poetry; the cadence of the wind-swept waves creating a lattice across the surface of a forgotten pool; the pattern of the delicate carpet of bluebells decorating the meadow and forest floor.

Naomi Mengel is in eleventh grade at Tall Oaks Classical School. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, running, photography, and playing volleyball. She lives in Newark, DE, with her parents, younger sister, and golden retriever.

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