Spring Senses

Spring is the best season ever!
In spring I see the ivy growing on the big muscular tree trunk.
In spring I smell the pollen crawling on the tip of my nose.
In spring I feel the raindrops tickling my body.
In spring I taste the sweet chocolate marshmallow chicks.
In spring I hear the birds sing a beautiful song that spreads through valleys and
That's why spring is the best season ever!

Aaden Brooks lives in Lindenwold, NJ and is in third grade at Laurel Springs School. His favorite subjects are Science, History and Social Studies, and he loves dinosaurs, especially the amphsealelus.

A New Beginning

A house isn’t a house without
land to build it on. And land isn’t land
without the seeds that for grass or
the cement mixtures that pave the ground,
and even those begin differently.
Basically all things have a start and a
finish. Grass, humans, houses, and even the
beginnings of that thing can’t be
born without a fresh space to grow
and form. From the chairs we sit upon
to the steps we walk amongst, everywhere
everything has begun small. So don’t
feel worthless when you’re young because

Suaad is in the 5th grade at Universal Charter School. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and loves to write poetry, short stories, and just about anything. She also loves to read and literally cannot stop!


Calmly rest my child
Momma says
The guests will be here soon
So get dressed and tame
your wild hair
Stop sitting on the edge of
your seat minding grown folks’
You need patience
When someone wants you
listening they’ll ask for you sure
Don’t be a fly on the wall
A friend for you is right
around the corner I promise
As I always say patience is
the key
Keep it calm it’ll be easy

Suaad is in the 5th grade at Universal Charter School. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and loves to write poetry, short stories, and just about anything. She also loves to read and literally cannot stop!

The Girl in the Window

Bombs fall,
the earth crumbles beneath our feet.  
Everything we have turns to ashes,
not even at home... are we ever safe.
in the wrath
of their disgrace,
it’s hard to even know who we are sometimes
because all we ever do is hide.  

in the old brick buildings we call Church,
protected by the Almighty we believe in,
that we think keeps us safe
yet also crumbles on impact.
We are lost,
all in the smoke and ashes of memories…
not forgotten,

Head of the Table

Sit at the head of the table,
where the eldest sits,
where all fights start,
where they end,
where you spend your life,
where you recite grace,
where so many bottoms have sat,
where unwritten history is made,
where generations change,
religions change,
where the chair won’t forget you,
or judge you,
but miss you when you’re gone,
when nobody else will.

Serenity Baruzzini is a precocious 6th grader enrolled at Mastery Charter. She is drawn to poetry but has written a number of short stories as well and hopes to write a novel about a young spy.

Mama Said

The pungent smell of cigarettes inflames her nose
She wants to turn around and run
Run far away until the blinking lights are no longer visible
But she hears mama’s voice telling her it’s all right to stay

So she walks to the end of the bar
With every step she takes in her six-inch heels comes the threat of falling
But mama said not to worry
She’d get used to them in no time

Taking a seat at the bar, she looks around
She can’t help but stare at all the lowlifes;
She can’t help thinking she is one

Anna Zachwieja is a 10th grader at Haverford High School. Some of her interests include writing, baking, and dancing. This is her first published piece.


Earth, fire, water, and wind. Each element provides humanity with something amazing but holds the power to conjure unwieldy disasters. Earth, with its aesthetic landscapes and array of color and textures, could collapse at any given moment, causing worldwide adversity.

Marissa Wenglicki is 14 years old and currently attends PA Cyber Charter School. She is from Feasterville, PA.

Pray for the People in Camden

With pale blue eyes and cropped red hair,
She is a fixture in these parts.
72 pounds and no way to gain,
Heavy blankets of despair
Drape over her frail body,
Swallowing her,
She has no hope.

Her name is Mary,
But so few know.
They don’t care.
Her pain.
Never realizing,
They are practically the same,
Lost in their own struggles
Amongst several others
In this big city.

The sun begins to set,
But she has nowhere to go.
So many directions,
But none seem right.
A cool breeze,

Ali Binder is a 10th-grade student at Haverford High School. She is in the school orchestra and loves being a part of the color guard with the competition marching band. She is passionate about service and is an active member at her church. This is her first piece to be published.

The Tearful Alligator

The tearful alligator
traveled as the breeze blew
in Siberia.

The alligator is happy when
the sun comes out
and goes in the lake.

The alligator is sad when
it rains, and his friends
don’t play with him.

One day,
he went to his friends’
home to ask them to play.

They said yes, and
they played tag.
The alligator was feeling good!

Jordan J. was a Mighty Writer in the 2nd grade and is remembered for her smile and meticulous attention to detail. She’s now in 5th or 6th grade but left this poem in the Mighty Writer’s archives. She attended the program daily when she lived in South Philadelphia and is now believed to be in a ‘writer at large’ in Germantown.


It’s glued inside forever
Real and natural
It’s hard to forget, I won’t
that’s for sure because great
memories are obviously pure.

Juwaireyah Dorsey is a 4th grader at Universal Institute Charter School. She is also a student at Mighty Writers.

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