Closure Never Comes Fast Enough

Cracked lips, bleeding gums,

Devilish grins, dishonest tongues


Hushed whispers, desperate wishes,

Despising lovers, meaningless kisses


Wait another day, maybe two more,

But still, he’ll walk on out the door


Knees buckled, a heart dropped,

Crumpled in the corner waiting for rain to stop


Bruised knees and battered hips,

Comforting words through lying lips


Wiped away chances, smudged, blackened tears,

Throwing your love away after three whole years


A heart shatters into splinters and fragments,

Tripping over your tongue but still remaining stagnant


An overwhelming silence in the dead of night,

Trying to speak but there’s not a breath left to fight


So this is it: what is supposed to be the sweetest, final hour,


A bit of closure, yet it still tastes sour 

Dominique Kendus is a 9th grader living in Wilmington, DE with her twin sister. She loves to write poetry and listen to music, as well as play soccer with her sister.