Some people walk
In the paths made by others, those
Who came before,
Footprints and bootprints in the sand
Heavy and methodical, or
Light and dancing
And everything in between.

I'd like to think that
I dare to walk in the deeper,
Unmarked sand,
Leaving prints of my own.

And if the sand is
So hot that it scorches
The soles of my feet,
I'll tiptoe, quick like
A water nymph
To the oceanside,
Play like a child in the gentle
Waves, chasing
Long-legged seabirds
Away from the darker sand.

I create my very own castle
Based on the
Place I exist in, my own
Little world.

I build halls of friendship,
Towers of mistrust,
Courts of judgment,
Domes of peace,
And knock them down again.
Or perhaps
The tide takes them away,
Blue-gray waves reflecting
The clear white and blue sky.

I walk barefoot.
Feet on the ground, head
In the clouds, like cotton candy.
But I am more grounded
In my world
Than anyone else I know,
Else why would the sky
Fascinate me
So much?

Lily Alexandra Mell is 14 years old and is Home-schooled. She plays violin in two student orchestras, and is an avid reader. She was published in the premier edition of PS Junior. She has a poetry manuscript compiled, and is working on writing a science-fiction novel.