The Right to Be Heard

Discrimination and prejudice are running wild,

  as rampant and untamed as a little child

Like a ferocious beat it will not be stopped

  unless a decision is made by someone on top

Top, top, top like the president--

  to whom evil and bad should probably be evident

I hope that this is relevant:

Gay, straight, autistic, lesbian too,

  all getting hurt till they're black & blue.

Not just fists and punches, bullies stealing lunches.


Splendid characters that illuminate a page

  are being used for hate, to take out rage.

It's hard to believe--

  no, even to conceive--

The things people say and do.

But let me tell you this from me to you:

That it's real.

It's there.

Oh yes and it's true.

Something needs to be done.

This disease must be cured.

I'll do this by speaking up.

I have a right to be heard.


Jared Taylor, 6th-grader at C. W. Henry School, great-nephew of prize-winning poet Dorothea Grossman and grandson of Pulitzer-prize winning poet Henry S. Taylor, has been writing poetry and songs for as long as he can remember. He is also an avid artist, guitar-player, and reader. He lives with his sister, parents, and two huge fluffy cats in East Mount Airy.