Slime and Paint

You wouldn’t think that two girls who were so different could become friends, but opposites click, right?

Joline woke up to the sound of her alarm clock going off. Beep-Beep!  “Ugh,” she thought, “first day of middle school!”  And she was dreading it. She had just moved to Connecticut from New York. Joline rolled over to look at the clock.  OMG. 7:40 already! She would be late!

When she found her homeroom later on that day and took a seat she noticed a sign up sheet for the school play. Joline loved plays. It felt to her that when the lights came on and the actors and actresses rushed out everything came alive on the stage. She loved to perform, so when the bell rang at the end of the school day, she raced over and signed up.  "Drama, really?” came a harsh voice behind her. “There is a soccer team, you know.”  Joline looked up to see Natalie, a girl from some of her classes. They also shared a locker. “I’m not really into soccer or any sports at that,” Joline said. “Huh,” Natalie shot back, flashing a loser sign at her and skipping away to join some friends.  Joline ran away, embarassed.  The next day Natalie and three girls she didn’t know cornered her in the lunchroom.

“Hey,” Natalie said.

“Uh, hi,” Joline answered.

“This is Maeve, Drew, and Maya.”

“Uh, hi,” Joline said again.

“So you don’t play soccer?” Maeve asked, jutting a finger at Joline. Joline shook her head.

“Don’t you want to come to my game Sunday?” Natalie asked. “No!” Joline said, running away. How dare they be so rude to her then invite her somewhere?

Maia Cohen, Age 13, Cedarbrook Middle School © 2012

On Sunday, Maeve, Drew, and Maya all gathered at Drew’s house. “Natalie’s at her soccer game,” Drew announced. “Here’s our chance to show her we can be just as mean as she can...meaner!

“What’s the plan?” a bored Maya asked. 

“Well,” said Drew dramatically. “On Monday we will get to school early. We can go in with my mom.” Drew’s mom worked in the cafeteria and got to school early to get breakfast ready. “We’ll slime Joline’s locker with, you know, that dollar store goo. All in all we’ll have to buy like 15 bottles but it’s worth it. We’ll mix it with some bright orange paint, it sticks to clothes really well...” 

“Drew. Drew,” Maya interrupted.

“What?” said Drew, obviously annoyed.  “She shares a locker; we all do,” Maya said.

“Oh, she’s always the first one there!” Drew said.

“She’ll be the one to get slimed!” Maeve interrupted. “Brilliant!”  And that’s how the conversation ended.

On Monday, though, Joline was home sick. Natalie, who knew nothing about Drew’s plan, was the one who shared a locker with Joline. She opened the door. The slime covered her from head to toe.

“AAAAAHHHH! EEEEEK! What is this stuff?” she screamed, and ran into the bathroom where she happened to find Maeve, Maya, and Drew. Someone pranked me!” she yelled.

“Her idea,” Maeve said, jutting a finger at Drew.

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA!” Natalie yelled. “YOU did this?” She stared down at the goopy orange paint all over her, even her favorite sneakers were an ugly orange. Slowly the whole story spilled out and when they were finished Natalie was amazed...AMAZED that her friends would do something like that...and still angry.

“Wait, so it didn’t occur to you that she shares a locker just like everyone else? With -- oh yeah -- ME! We are done,Natalie said, running away.

When she got home she ran to the phone and called Joline.  “Hello?” Joline answered.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Nat and this is all your fault!” Natalie screamed. 

“What? What is?” Joline asked. Natalie told her the whole story. “Those creeps!” Natalie exclaimed, noticing that the whole time she had been holding her breath. “I’m so sorry...about....everything...”

Joline and Natalie got to talking. “So were you clothes ruined?” Joline asked. “RUINED!” Natalie cried. “Even my sneakers!”

“Well,” said Joline, “in addition to drama, I love to shop. Would you ever want to go to the mall? Maybe we can find you some new clothes that aren’t orange!”

Natalie almost laughed. “Well, I love to shop, too,” she said. “And, I have another soccer game coming up, want to come?”

“Sure!” Joline said. No sooner had she said those words, the two became best friends. Joline went to soccer games and Natalie came to the school plays.

Aya Furin-Campbell is a 6th grader at Masterman School. She loves to write, draw, sew, and swim. She lives in Philadelphia with her parents, sister, and many animals- some very energetic, some calm. This is her first story that has been published.