Edna McNamara

We met in a shadowed hallway, both of us discarded on a wooden bench outside of Doctor Langdon’s office, white knuckles clasped on our laps, skirts bunched about our cold feet. As the doctor had asked to speak first with my parents, I’d taken the seat next to a woman who immediately turned to me. […]

An Hourglass Full of Snowflakes

A.E. Milford

It’s rare for a man to have true peace of mind. Or maybe that’s too negative. Maybe a man has peace of mind the majority of his life, but only notices it once it’s gone, when turmoil is magnified, during times of stress when one looks back enviously on calmer waters. These were the thoughts […]

How to Get Lost

Jenna Geisinger

The first step is to fall in love with the only boy that ever remembered your name. His charmed smile and kind eyes wage a coup against reason and you don’t even notice.

The Bad Outside

Emily Famularo

On the day the others left, we’d all been watching from inside the gates.

It Is Not About the Stuff

Estelle Wynn

“Mommy, wanna play Kings and Queens?” It’s my older son asking in his five-year-old speak if I want to play his version of chess. Which I don’t.

Chapter Thirteen: Cities of Light and Brotherly Love (by Mary Anna Evans)

Mary Anna Evans

Life goes easier without love.  The poets would damn this for a lie, but it is true. I should retreat into hiding. I’m good at it, and I’m safer when no one really knows me. But I want to be here. I want to be with her. Perhaps I can blame my indecision on Paris […]

Chapter Twelve: August (by Don Lafferty)

Don Lafferty

“Ben, Ben, over here!” The media formed a semicircle around the makeshift podium outside the courtroom. “Ben, what’s your next move?” “Ben, what about you and Special Agent Simon?” “Ben, how does it feel to be a free man again?” asked Action News’ Dan Cuellar. The August humidity was stifling and he loosened his tie. […]