Chapter Eleven: Assaulted (by Diane Ayres)

Diane Ayres

CNN pulled out all the stops with their virtual set technology graphics by recreating a life-sized illusion of their own homicide investigation bulletin board for the “Chees

Chapter Ten: Cock and Bull (by Shaun Haurin)

Shaun Haurin

Arturo jumped up, toppling his freshly poured espresso in the process, as something splattered against the plate-glass window behind him. He turned just in time to catch a trio of hooded figures darting up the glorified alley to his left, a street with no name, a street he privately thought of as Limbo Road. It […]

Chapter Five: The Cop Shop (by Victoria Janssen)

Victoria Janssen

On her way to the precinct, Detective Chelsea Simon clutched her Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Ray’s Café and a croissant she’d snagged at Reading Terminal Market mor

Chapter Three: Pants (by Gregory Frost)

Gregory Frost

Vincent “Pants” de Leon sat at the end of the long table in the front room of Hub Bub Coffee. The place was bustling. Almost every chair was taken.