Chapter One: Angela & Josh (by Kelly Simmons)

Kelly Simmons

Look, I know I’m not the only blue-eyed blonde Italian girl living in South Philly. I saw another one outside Dante & Luigi’s last week, but I think she was an exotic dancer.

St. Andrew of Amalfi

Andrew DiPrinzio

Andrew cracked his butter knife through the shrimp’s pink shell. Droplets of olive oil flung across the table. One landed on Gillian’s cyan blouse. She had called the color cyan and had bought it for the honeymoon because she still tried to impress him.

In the Land of the Schustermans

Ilene Raymond Rush

“Let’s never keep secrets,” Annie’s future mother in law whispers to her at the bottom of the stairs in their house in Wynnewood, two hours before Annie’s wedding to her only son Jack.

Packer Ave.

Abby Reed Meyer

Nobody expected the bloody dog. Nobody. Not even here in South Philly where some sketchy shit could be happening behind any door, down any side street, at any time of day.

Protecting the Plate

John Shea

Standing by the yellow kitchen telephone, cradling the receiver precariously between her jaw and shoulder, Anita gazed through the window onto the back alley.