Packer Ave.

Abby Reed Meyer

Nobody expected the bloody dog. Nobody. Not even here in South Philly where some sketchy shit could be happening behind any door, down any side street, at any time of day.

Protecting the Plate

John Shea

Standing by the yellow kitchen telephone, cradling the receiver precariously between her jaw and shoulder, Anita gazed through the window onto the back alley.

The Worm of the Heart

Ilene Raymond Rush

On a Saturday morning in late September, while waiting for her estranged husband Del to arrive

Waiting Room Fairies

Kimberly Emilia

Daddy used to say it before he moved away to live with Vanessa.


H.L.S. Nelson

With the American girl, I had a chance. Americans do not want to be racist. In Russia we do not care. We are racist.

After The Deluge

Daniel DiFranco

We knew it was better just to ignore her, stay out of her way.