Sing, Philadelphia, Sing

Brittanie Sterner

Hello! This gorgeous issue marks the second collaboration between Philadelphia Stories and the Free Library’s annual One Book, One Philadelphia program.

Peace Is a Dream

Martin Wiley

Pete was thin,
just muscle, dark skin and anger,
stuffed inside an ancient Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast t-shirt,


Leonard Kress

When I was younger, I was always leaving my shoes
behind, always, though, with a good excuse.

A Turn in the Path

Kari Ann Ebert

I leave you standing on the curb
step over the border of river rocks—

Isaiah 54:5 (A Self-Portrait)

Kari Ann Ebert

He packed up the years in one suitcase
at summer’s bloom left everything undone
I stood still & wooden in the empty yard
exhausted by the sudden drought

The Epic of Senge

John Wall Barger

We moved to Philadelphia from an Indian village
& shipped our big old tomcat, Senge.


Holiday Campanella

I’m surrounded by you, Indiana.
You’re heavy in the trees tonight.


Amy Small-McKinney

Beauty was hard for me to find on a spare cot or in the back
of a truck, when I had no home. & then I did,

Oh This Route―Not 66

B.E. Kahn

A chauffeured Jaguar, white, awaits.
For now I tend my own modest rose.
Poems at the door, early, late, gather.
A dream ladder climbs. Ten wishes rise.