H.L.S. Nelson

With the American girl, I had a chance. Americans do not want to be racist. In Russia we do not care. We are racist.

After The Deluge

Daniel DiFranco

We knew it was better just to ignore her, stay out of her way.

Don Bajema’s Hero

Jim Trainer

Great writing has heart. It really is that simple, although it’s not easy. Former world- class athlete, Don Bajema, presents a ‘Baby Boomers’ generation that is wide-eyed and innocent. His self-styled anti-hero, Eddie Burnett, is taken to the horrible edge of things — but Bajema stops there, allowing the reader to bear witness and Burnett to make up his own mind.

Poem: Dark Moon

Amy Thatcher

Let’s nail the night back to where it should have been,
above the streets that blacken the eye
of the moon we’ve punched shut so many times;
Where we hammered out the classic rhythm