Sonia Elabd

As I imagined myself racing against Olympic skaters, my fingertips tingling as I gained speed, I forgot about being the only brown girl at an almost all white school.


Alessandra Davy-Falconi

This year, in fact, he had made a list of eligible women and he would begin (after August vacation) to interview them, as it were.

Fade to Beige

Kathryn Hively

“Butter is too bold,” Caroline announced, tossing the sheet of color samples to the floor. “In fact, this entire strip is too loud.” 

The Pits

Melanie Unruh

The summer my father left us, our front yard was filled with deep, grave-sized pits.

My Face Before I Was Born

Margaret DeAngelis

The Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066.

My father would say that, and my mother would glance at him sideways, and then down, with a smile that suggested she had some kind of secret.


Christina Snyder

The ice cream truck drives by every night around 10:15. Like an old tire, the music sounds like it could deflate and go out of tune at any moment.