Dog People

Maxime D. McKenna

The cat meows. I like to imagine she was once gainfully employed in the cat world, as a college professor or a medical doctor. When she fell on hard times, she became depressed, and rightfully so.

Two Trailers

James Dunham

Two weekends after Myra’s old neighbors vacated the trailer next to hers, this man and his bony brown Lab pulled in with all his furniture tied down in the bed of his pickup.

The Drunkest Three-Year-Old in the Room

Amanda Erin Stopa

Here comes a school of them right now- Just look at em! They are sooo wasted they have to be strung along on a guide rope, one walking like Frankenstein, another like he’s on Broadway. These addicts can’t take two steps in the same direction without falling all over the place. And it’s only noon. […]

Under the El Tracks

Leonard Kress

What I so clearly remember
From the years we lived beneath the el tracks,
Or just blocks from them, were the freezing
Waits for the train and the hopelessly long

Who’s the Boss

Margot Douaihy

Don’t look back. In stations of the cross, you move on.
It’s time to go, he smiles, pulls the key from his ripped jeans,

At Night I Smoke

Dutch Godshalk

At night I stand in the street and smoke
among rows of dormant cars, and all dark
save for sporadic twitching television hues

Atop the Camel’s Hump

Casey Otto

My island is ugly. Bare and bleak. It rises from the earth, fifteen feet high and dimpled like a camel’s hump, ringed by acres and acres of corn; an ocean of sweet Indian gold.

Security Breach

Nancy Mendez-Booth

I had arrived to the hospital in labor, and waddled into the emergency room like I was about to claim a lottery prize. Instead, I got Claudia in my room. My baby Liam died before I delivered him.