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Carla Spataro and Christine Weiser

Spring and summer brought many firsts to Philadelphia Stories: our first contest, the Rosemont Writer’ s Retreat, and the launch of PS Books, our new regional books division.

Local Author Profile: Christine Weiser

Marc Schuster

Broad Street is set in Philadelphia during the height of the grunge-rock scene of the early-nineties. Why did you choose this setting, and how does it factor into the story?

I was in a Philadelphia band called Mae Pang, which was mainly a chick rock garage band that started in the mid-90s. It was a great time for

DNA: Memory

Teresa Mendez-Quigley

So we were watching
a documentary on cows standing
not in fields of green grass
like we saw Upstate, but


Hayden Saunier

The two-headed pig was jammed into a jar
so I couldn’t tell it from the cat with two bodies

or the cloven-hoofed devil baby discovered
dead in a dumpster in New Jersey but Snake Girl

was alive— no arms, no legs, no bones in her body.

Out of Nowhere

Angela Canales

As the three men rush the cab – your cab – the truth hits: what only happens to others is about to happen to you. You are not the exception.


Anthony Nannetti

In a better world
casinos comp grafts for those about to be burned, 
poetry workshops include vocational training,   

Broad Street (novel excerpt)

Christine Weiser

I took the subway to the party in Center City. I walked from the stop down a quiet street in the business district, where merchandise peeked out from behind thick steel gates. As I approached the address of the old brownstone, I heard the muffled sound of voices and the latest Nirvana album. I felt a wash of panic. I could be back home and under my blanket in twenty minutes; but my feet kept moving forward. I found the appropriate apartment number, rang the bell, and was buzzed in without question.

The party was a crowded gathering of hipsters. I scanned the room for familiar faces, feeling stupid. The few I recognized looked at me, then quickly turned away. Finally, I spotted Noelle.