Hayden Saunier

The two-headed pig was jammed into a jar
so I couldn’t tell it from the cat with two bodies

or the cloven-hoofed devil baby discovered
dead in a dumpster in New Jersey but Snake Girl

was alive— no arms, no legs, no bones in her body.

Out of Nowhere

Angela Canales

As the three men rush the cab – your cab – the truth hits: what only happens to others is about to happen to you. You are not the exception.


Anthony Nannetti

In a better world
casinos comp grafts for those about to be burned, 
poetry workshops include vocational training,   

Broad Street (novel excerpt)

Christine Weiser

I took the subway to the party in Center City. I walked from the stop down a quiet street in the business district, where merchandise peeked out from behind thick steel gates. As I approached the address of the old brownstone, I heard the muffled sound of voices and the latest Nirvana album. I felt a wash of panic. I could be back home and under my blanket in twenty minutes; but my feet kept moving forward. I found the appropriate apartment number, rang the bell, and was buzzed in without question.

The party was a crowded gathering of hipsters. I scanned the room for familiar faces, feeling stupid. The few I recognized looked at me, then quickly turned away. Finally, I spotted Noelle.

Her Bear Husband

Gwen Florio

“Of course I’ve been in the woods before.”

Lucia glanced around the visitor center to reassure herself that she looked just like everyone else there, then glared back across the counter at the skeptical park ranger. Until encountering him, she’d felt impervious in her new acquisitions: stiff hiking boots with heavy Vibram soles; cargo pants of a slippery, fast-drying fabric that made soft whispering noises as she walked; a rain jacket with a thin fleece lining. In preparation for her excursion, she’d also bought a 20-ounce sleeping bag that would bob atop an unwieldy pack, itself stuffed with a tiny tent – two-and-a-half pounds – a couple of changes of socks and underwear, and foil packets of freeze-dried dinners, their desiccated contents so devoid of texture and smell as to be guaranteed not to attract bears.

Local Author Profile: Adam Rex

Aimee LaBrie

Adam Rex understands children. As both a writer and illustrator of children’s books, his work captures the imaginative world children love to inhabit. His characters are heroic kids in cowboy boots who face the world fearlessly, taking on aliens and rambunctious zoo animals. His characters also include a lumbering, strangely human Frankenstein and assorted other monsters who somehow don’t seem so scary in the pages of his books.

Breaking News

Peter E. Murphy

Cop held in killing of mute with rake
How was I to know the suspect could not hear me
shout, “Drop your weapon to the ground!”
as he continued to muster the dead leaves
which had accumulated since August?


Eileen Moeller

Vincent understood them: the way they yield
their darkling faces
to the sun,
aflame for its arcing shimmer dance