About Philadelphia Stories

The mission of Philadelphia Stories is to cultivate a community of writers, artists, and readers in the Greater Philadelphia Area through publications, professional development, and promotion of area writers.

Philadelphia Stories is a 501c3 that has been serving the writing, reading, and art community of the Greater Delaware Valley since 2004. Co-founders Carla Spataro and Christine Weiser began Philadelphia Stories to build a Philadelphia-based community of writers, artists, and readers through the free magazine and affordable educational programs and events. Program highlights include:

Philadelphia Stories Magazine: The primary vehicle for this mission is the free print magazine, which publishes work by local writers and artists. Five thousand copies of the free print magazine are distributed each quarter to more than 200 locations throughout the Delaware Valley, including all 54 branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Stories Junior/Teen Magazine: PS Teen is an annual magazine published each Fall featuring local writers and artists aged 13-18. Philadelphia Stories also publishes the annual magazine, PS Junior, for local writers and artists aged 12 and younger, is published each Spring. Both magazines are free and submissions are open year-round. Click here to read more.

PS Books: The books division of Philadelphia Stories showcases local writers through book-length works.

Professional Development: Philadelphia Stories hosts affordable writing workshops and conferences like Push to Publish, LitLife Poetry Festival, and Writers at Work.

Promotion of Local Writers & Artists: Philadelphia Stories promotes writing and art from the Greater Delaware Valley through events like a national fiction contest, a national poetry contest, readings, and more.

Philadelphia Stories Masthead

Philadelphia Stories christine weiser

Publisher/Executive Director:
Christine Weiser

Carla Spataro Philadelphia StoriesPublisher/Editorial Director:
Carla Spataro 


Fiction Editor
Mitchell Sommers

Assistant Fiction Editor
Amy Luginbuhl

Poetry Editor
Courtney Bambrick

Assistant Poetry Editor
Nicole Marie Pasquarello

Nonfiction Editor
Adriana Lecuona

Art Editor
Pam McLean-Parker

Production Manager
Derek Carnegie

Web Design
Loic Duros

Contest Coordinator
Nicole Marie Pasquarello

Event Director
Lena Van

Editorial Assistant
Dom Saunders

Editorial Board

John Barwick
Kate Blakinger
Chelsea Covington Maass
Brian Ellis
Ally Evans
Kathleen Furin
Jenna Geisinger
Elizabeth Green
Owen Hamill
Darrah M. Hewlett
Robert Kerbeck
Aimee LaBrie
Michele Lombardo
Nathan Long
Walt Maguire
Leslie McRobbie
Conor Mintzer
Addison Namnoum
Abigail Reed
Lena Van
Keysha Whitaker
Sharon White


Peter Baroth
Deb Burnham
Liz Chang
Kara Cochran
Madeline Colker
Blythe Davenport
Alley Franke
Pat Green
Vernita Hall
Kathryn Ionata
Donna Keegan
Liz Dolan
Shira Moolten
Jennifer Rohrbach
Eli Tomaszewski
Helen Walsh
Basia Wilson

Brittany Leonard
Rachel Mamola
Jacqueline Massaro
Will Marschewski
Deborah Off
Elaine Paliatsas-Haughey
Andrea Vinci
Sarah Wecht

Board of Directors
Concha Alborg
Alex Husted
Daniel Johns
Madeleine Keogh
Patricia Thorell
Will Woldenberg

Alex Husted, President
Mitchell Sommers, Vice President
Will Woldenberg, Secretary
Patricia Thorell. Treasurer

PS Junior/Teen
Aileen Bachant, director
Kara Cochran, assistant director
Sharada Krishnamurthy, Lead Editor, PS Teen
Heather Kristian, Lead Editor, PS Junior

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